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Ezibu Muntu, (Ēzi-Bu Mūn-tū) in the Yoruba language means “Universal family.” Ezibu serves as an educational and cultural sacred space for children and community members offering musical performances, theater and education throughout the Greater Richmond Metro Area, the state of Virginia and nationwide to connect to African Culture through African Dance, drum & cultural traditions.

Re-emerging “As the Village that Raises the Child.” Ezibu utilizes state-of-the-art, award winning curriculum and strategies to address every child at every level, i.e. the child still searching for their identity to the high-level achiever, eager for knowledge and leadership opportunities.


To enrich the lives of children , community members, and our donors through the resources of African dance, rhythms, traditions and cultural arts


Through exposing the community-at-large to educational and artistic programming rooted in African culture and art forms, Ezibu Muntu hopes to enrich the diversity of the community and reintroduce the fundamental African concepts of family and community into society.

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